Welcome to a place where healing from Lyme and Autoimmunity is not only possible... but where we work together to find what YOUR body needs and do it at YOUR pace!

Recovering from chronic Lyme is no small feat! I've been to so many well-meaning (and well educated)  practitioners who were absolutely positive that their protocol was going to be "the one that worked" only to find that it isn't the practitioner that had the answers... it was my body!



I'm Angela Grover. I work as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner for an Integrative Medical Center in Idaho. 


I specialize in helping women with Lyme and chronic illness to support their immune and detoxification systems so interventions aren't so stinking rough! Don't get me wrong, I've never seen a Lyme approach that was a picnic, but I've used my experience and nutritional training to develop an approach that tailors everything to support your body's current needs. I call those needs your "health pattern." Finding (and fine tuning) your health pattern includes nutritional assessments, targeted supplements & personalized recipes that will allow you to:

-Know a clear starting point for your food needs.

-Have recipes that fit those needs and can be put together even on days when you don't feel like cooking.

-Get a list of  tailored supplements so you can stop spending money on the next new "protocol".

-Remove common emotional and environmental stressors that may be hindering you

 so you can FINALLY start making some progress! 

There are a lot of theories out there on how to heal from Lyme. One of the most important things I've learned over the last 13 years is, there is no one specific method that's going to work for everyone. If you’re confused about what foods or which supplements YOUR BODY wants, don’t worry. YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! If you're into bloodwork, I've got you covered there too! I offer discounts on labs you can order yourself and receive your results in a secure, online portal.

Don’t see what you need here? Visit the "Store" page to book an online consultation or purchase one of my downloadable meal plans!

Health Services


In-Depth Nutritional Assessment

Find YOUR body's
greatest needs.


Personalized Supplement Plan

Customized nutrients for YOUR goals.


45 Minute Consultation

Visit with me personally about your health issues.


8, 12, & 16 weeks

One on one guidance. Limited space available.

"Angela Grover is absolutely amazing! Her passion for health and for helping others team up to make her an unstoppable practitioner!"

Dr. Destin Thayne, Beacon Integrative Medical Center.

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