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Meet Angela

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (F.N.T.P.)

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

"Our family's health journey began the same as a lot of people's do, everything was fine... UNTIL IT WASN'T. I cruised through my early twenties with thoughts of to do lists, future babies and staying thin. The baby road was a bumpy one and the only one we got to welcome here was born early and underweight. We struggled with colic, acid reflux, then came asthma and allergies. E.R. visits and antibiotics were MUCH too frequent and at age 3

we received a diagnosis of P.D.D. (a form of Autism). I did some major digging and realized that 


Caring for a sick child with special needs can be SUPER stressful and my health began to suffer. It started with sleep and mood issues that turned into depression. Pregnancy problems, food intolerances and joint pain led to more research and many practitioners. Several years later, we found out I had Lyme disease.

My search for answers led me to Nutritional Therapy. Figuring out exactly what foods and supplements MY body needed was a total game changer. My Lyme disease was in remission 14 months later.

Teaching people how to heal their bodies has become my passion. And now... it's also my career. I provide personalized nutritional, supplement, lifestyle and educational guidance for people with Lyme or kids on the spectrum who aren't sure where to start or working hard to get well and just feel stuck.

Angela currently works in an integrative medicine center in Rexburg, Idaho. She wants all people to have access to affordable, personalized nutrition tools with her digital products and works with a limited amount of one on one clients who are seeking in-depth, personalized support. (Please see the "Home" and "Store" pages for products and services).

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