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Why I take a food first approach.

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

There's a famous saying that really rings true to me. "You can't outrun your fork." Basically, it means no matter how much toy work out or what kind of a work out you do, it still won't UN-do the effects of unhealthy food choices.

There's another saying that almost all of us have heard, "You are what you eat." I like to take that a step further and say you are whatnot eat, eats. Meaning that the food we eat, what makes up the fuel and raw materials for everything from our organs and tissues, right down to our cellular DNA, needs to be as high quality as possible.

Food influences EVERYTHING! Mood, energy, blood sugar, detoxification, inflammatory processes... I could go on for quite awhile. But, why, exactly do I start with food instead of exercise or supplements?

When I work with personal clients, we always do a nutritional assessment first. (See the Nutritional Assessment in my "Store" page for full details). This helps them to get in touch with how frequent and severe their symptoms are and tie them into how what they eat may be affecting how they feel or perform.

If they aren't already eating fairly closely to what I would recommend, I like them to do two weeks of clean eating before I recommend any supplements. This allows us to address food combining for managing blood sugar, removal of food chemicals that may be triggering negative issues and tracking energy and sleep by using a food/mood journal. Doing this really gives people a chance to experience how powerful the dietary changes are on their own. If you make food and supplement changes at the same time, it can be difficult to weed out problems or pinpoint just what is helping so we can continue that.

There are almost always adjustment to be made along the way. Your body isn't static, it's dynamic and YOUR body isn't going to react in the same way (or at the same pace) as another person's might. This is why we support each Clint's "bio-individuality" and always support the foundations, the first of which is... you guessed it... nutrient dense, properly prepared, whole food diet!

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