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And then.. we saw spirochetes in my blood.

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Live blood analysis isn’t something I had ever done before. We sought out a clinic about an hour away from us because we had heard there was a doctor who specialized in alternative Lyme treatments.

Let me be clear. Dr. Jason West is a D.C. I had done a lot of research since the visit to my general practitioner (the one where they they said my symptoms sounded like MS and recommended a lumbar puncture) and Dr. West’s name came up both online and in a circle of friends. So we went.

We waited our turn and went into a dark, little office where they pricked my finger and added my blood to a slide. I mention the darkness because it struck me as both sad and ironic. The fact that so little physical light was needed to illuminate the screen that would show me bits of my future.

The doctor carefully moved the slide millimeters at a time to inspect the contents of my blood and the shape, size and condition of my blood cells. I’ll delve further into the other discoveries in another post, but what I DID see that day, were little clusters of what would soon become a very nasty term... spirochetes.

Coupled with my tick bite history and ever evolving symptoms of migrating joint pain, memory issues, fatigue and facial numbness, he said he was almost positive I had Lyme.

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