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Going "to the extreme" for health?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Why am I getting an IV??? I realize this may not be the most comforting image for some, but, for me... it’s the exact opposite.

With scary statistics being splashed about all over the place, it can be very easy to jump on the bandwagon of product excess while trying to stay healthy right now. You may be thinking... “Hello... you’re getting an IV... where do YOU get off using the word excess!” Actually, I had a family member call it extreme, so we’ve already covered that base.

However, there are A LOT of lofty claims being made about what to do or not do or take to avoid getting sick. I choose to limit my exposure to negative and fearful media, try to keep my stress levels down, eat whole food based, nutrient dense diet and yes... have an IV with vitamin C and glutathione. (There ARE advantages to working in an integrative clinic).

As for the definition of “extreme,” I chose to spend the same amount of money on this as many people will on a weeks worth of supplements, two months of toilet paper or a few weeks of (fill in the blank). It’s my body, my money and my arm. I think we would all be a lot less tense if we “keep our eggs in our own basket,” as my Mother in law likes to say.

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