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Healthy food doesn't have to be complicated.

Throw complicated out the window! Aren’t these beautiful??? When I transferred these egg cups onto the cooking rack, the sunlight hit them so perfectly... I just HAD TO snap ta pic!

It reminded me that sometimes simple really is best. All it takes to make these is

A dozen 🥚 1/4 cup 🥛 salt and pepper. Mix well and bake in muffin cups at 350 for 17-19 minutes. THAT’S IT!!! Sometimes I add things for variety, but the basic recipe is REALLY SIMPLE!

A pre-cooked protein with half a plate of frozen vegetables (don’t forget to add a healthy fat) and a healthy starch like sweet potatoes, brown rice or quinoa is pretty easy to pull together, even on a busy week night.

P.S. You can TOTALLY eat these for dinner! A baked potato with salsa and your favorite veggie, a bag of frozen stir fry with that brown rice and these chopped up on top, or sweet potato sautéed with LOTS of onions and a bit of bacon grease are magical!

What are your go to simple meals? Need ideas? Check out whole food meal plans on the "Store" page. (More coming soon)!

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