• Angela Grover

Little did I know that my childhood joint popping may have been an early sign of Lyme.

Lyme is often called “The great imitator.” It’s symptoms are not only complex and numerous, but can manifest in VERY different ways from one person to another.

For me a nagging ache in my back and constant clicking and popping of joints would be my normal. I had them daily from the age of 7 or 8. I didn’t know it wasn’t normal until someone else pointed it out. I just thought everyone’s back hurt when they lied down.

Decades later, I would learn many things about my body weren’t exactly normal or healthy, but even after the strange symptoms began, it would take me years to know why.

My friends thought the constant popping was either weird or cool. It drove my poor Mom nuts. (She just thought it was a nervous habit and couldn't understand why I didn't just knock it off). There was so much pressure built up in my joints... It was a relief to pop them.

This would go on for years. It was compulsive. If I couldn't make them pop gently, I would push (sometimes very hard) to force a pop. Yes, it hurt when I was was doing it, but there was always relief afterwards. Again, I didn't know how strange or problematic much of this was. It was my normal. Well... all of that so-called normal is some of my greatest hind sight. The lesson here? Don't ignore pains in your body. No matter how regularly they occur, they probably aren't normal. And if you or your child have migrating, achey joints, brain or memory issues, immune problems or numbness and tingling ANYWHERE, please see your doctor for any or all of the above symptoms.

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