• Angela Grover

The faces that got me through Lyme disease.

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I was told I had many of the symptoms of MS. I was told they would want tests run. Not just brain imaging looking for plaques, but a spinal puncture to gather a sample and run antibody tests.

My husband completely backed me declining those tests. My gut told me this was something else. My experience as a natural health advocate for our son with Asperger’s told me there was another way.

That day I began researching symptoms. By the end of the week, the numbness was spreading and I had stumbled upon some Lyme literature. I knew I had been bitten when I was 6. I remembered the sound of fear in my Mom’s voice because the head had gotten stuck. My six year old brain was completely oblivious to what a tick being attached and someone applying multiple techniques to remove it was then doing to my body and future health.

But these faces would motivate me. To figure out what we were up against and as many holistic ways to get rid of it as possible!

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