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Eight weeks, $800. Twelve weeks, $1,100. Sixteen weeks, $1,400. Paid by email invoice. 


If you're on this page, you've probably hit some big bumps on your Lyme journey. Health isn't something we just have and none of us have the exact same set of circumstances. But... when given the right tools coupled with an experienced, listening ear, accountability and recommendations that are tailored to YOUR body, there is great potential for healing. I specialize in teaching people the foundations of health and how to make them work WITH your body.


We begin with a nutritional assessment questionnaire (NAQ). This in-depth health survey allows you to get in touch with your symptoms and find patterns that can give insight into which of your body systems are experiencing the most burden and options for prioritizing their support. (You can find a detailed description on the Nutritional Assesssment page). 


On our first visit, we will discuss the results of your NAQ, go over your history, get a clearer focus on your goals and introduce you to the foundations of health. Nutrient dense, whole food diet, Digestion, Blood Sugar Balancing, Fatty Acids, Mineral Status and Hydration. I like to take a food first approach. You will receive a meal plan for two weeks of clean and balanced eating to use prior to adding in any supplementation. I want you to experience how powerful nutrition is.


Supplements will be completely tailored to your needs. Your supplement plan and orders are accessed through FullScript, my online dispensary. Your notifications for new recommendations can be sent via email and/or text and you can even opt in to receive convenient reminders for reordering. As a person who delas with chronic health issues myself, I know supplements can be expensive at times. That's why I offer an across the board discount of 15% for all of my clients.


Every week, we meet via video conference to visit about how to incorporate the foundations into your life so you can support your body as a whole and begin moving towards your health goals. We also go over any successes, needed changes and questions you might have. I am a huge advocate for empowering you to understand your body and the benefits proper nutrition and lifestyle changes can make in your health. I also love sending educational and product resources that suit your individual needs.


Every four weeks, you'll do a new Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire. This allows us to track the progress of symptom and function improvements and can give insights into possible needs for supplements changes.


If you ever have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out via email. I am here to support and guide you and will get back to you in one business day.

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