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What people say about working with me.

"Angela Grover is absolutely amazing! Her passion for health and for helping others team up to make her an unstoppable practitioner!"

-Dr. Destin Thayne, Beacon Integrative Medical Center

"After several years of fighting irritable bowel syndrome and Lyme, with the chronic pain and inflammation that comes with it, I was at a point that I could not leave the house due to the fear of not being close to a restroom. If I had to go out I was unable to eat anything before to ensure I could make it back home without an issue. It took me over an hour each morning to get out of bed and get feeling into my feet and hands before I could start my day and my pain levels had reached the point that they were unbearable.

       Working with Angela has been amazing. Through her research and supplement testing, I finally have some relief without the side effects of synthetic and chemical compounded drugs. She has a true passion for helping others find a path to better health and nutrition and that passion shines through with everything she does. Her listening skills and dedication to finding what works for me is something I have been searching for but was unable to find within the medical profession. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done and what I know she will continue to do as I progress in the healing process."

-Dee Tremblay

"Angela’s help has been such an important piece in my journey to better health. Due to very serious health issues, I have been absolutely committed to working on my health in the last 4 months. Working with Angela has been a crucially important tool. She is knowledgeable, gifted and caring. Her insights, instincts and training have helped me determine what is going on, what to focus on and which nutrients will best serve me.

We have already seen significant improvements in my pancreas, liver and adrenals numbers! This is the kind of progress I have been searching for over 20 years. With Angela’s help, I can better track my organ functions, as well as see improvement in overall pain and inflammation levels, blood pressure and weight loss.

There is never pressure, simply loving guidance and support. I absolutely recommend Angela Grover to anyone in need of insights and truly useful direction on the path to wellness! She will help you see what works for YOUR specific body at this specific time. That is a tool you don’t want to be without if you’re

serious about making your health a top priority." 

-Stephanie Mahoney

"I have struggled with epilepsy my entire life and have taken medications to control it for over 20 years. In the last couple of years, I have developed side effects that my neurologist has been unable to explain or get rid of. I did a full intake and a blood chem. analysis with Angela and walked away with more answers than I have had in years. Her dedication to help others is amazing and the love for her work shows in everything she does.

Being able to have a direction to a path to better health through a natural process is such a relief. I finally see the light in a tunnel that has been dark for so long. I will suggest Angela to anyone I know who is struggling with any type of health issue. She is honest with her findings and goes above and beyond to help find answers.

Thank you, Angela, for everything you have done and all you will do in the future."

-Chelsey Allen

"Angela has successfully helped me reduce my pre-diabetic & iron deficiency anemia symptoms that I have been suffering from for decades. By her careful evaluations, she found what my body was lacking. I am more than thrilled with her recommendations personalized for my body’s specific needs, & to have her support & suggestions as I make changes in my lifestyle to become whole & healthy."

-Caley Hansen

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