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Self-Guided Labs

Because you can!

Always communicate fully with your licensed medical practitioners about any diet, lifestyle

or supplement changes you decide to make when working with me so it can all work together safely.

I totally get that there are many reasons to visit a doctor and when you need to go... please do! But you have questions about your health and want to take a deeper look using labs, how does that usually go for you? Most of the time you make an appointment or walk into a doctor's office. If it's anything like where I live, time in the waiting room can be longer than you spend with the practitioner. You get an order to have the labs done and can sometimes do specimens on location. Labs are sent off and you wait for the call that tells you the results are in. If the office is fairly busy, that call can take up to a week and often you need to make a return visit to get a copy or wait to have one mailed to you.

Not anymore!

Gone are the days when you require "permission" to see what's going on inside your body or can't afford to do so because you are uninsured or insurance won't cover it. No waiting period on another test because you had one too recently or hanging out until

the physical copy arrives to see your results. Enter self-guided testing with Ulta Wellness.

Whether you want to keep tabs on your cholesterol, need insight about your hormones, or prefer to do a full wellness panel, now you can order when you like and access your results online within a few business days. Just click on the button below to hop over to

Ulta Wellness and see all of the available options.

How does it work?

Simply choose the lab test or panel you want to have done, visit a nearby lab for sample collection and view your results online. No physician's order needed! Finding a lab is easy. Ulta Wellness has over 2,500 patient service centers nationwide and will locate the nearest center using your zip code. You can even share your results with the practitioner of your choice by generating a PDF that's super easy to print or upload. Get started by clicking the "order your labs here" button below.​

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